Thursday, January 26, 2012

Combination Platter

(this one is for you, Peg!!)

Two things happened at the same time last week. 1. a friend lent me a workout DVD that requires about a 30 day commitment. Plus I ramped up the running so I can train like a big girl for the Soldier Field 10 Mile. 2. I took a 180 question re-certification test through the Healing Touch Program.

On today's run I decided to find a way to combine these two loves: energy work and running. There has to be a way to relate the total relaxation and self-healing of Healing Touch to the sweat, grunting, and pushing of Training. They seem so opposite from the outside. In one, you lay on a table under a soft blanket while a loving soul carefully moulds herself around your heart to protect you from the world while your body and mind take stock and begin healing.

In the other, you pull yourself off of a comfortable couch and head out alone. Discomfort is a welcome friend. The mantras are about pain, dedication, hard work, strength, and perseverance. It's hard, and the harder the workout the more accomplished you feel.

Both actions touch your core. Both seek to extract the best person you can be out of your body. Both are healthy. Both are vital in the way that vital comes from Vitality.

But that's as far as I got. Oh, I did come up with a title for the magazine article I will write:
5k Ground, 10k Center, 13.1m Attune, 26.2 Heal.

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