Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Baker: Statistics

Baker Population in 2000: 1,695
[White: 1,663]
[Black: 4]
[Native American: 9]
[Chinese: 4]
[Korean: 1]

Fallon County Population in 2000: 2,837
Average January Temp: 14F
Average July Temp: 73F
Average Yearly Temp: 44F
Average Rainfall: 13.9in
Average Snowfall: 20in
Growing Season: 118 Days
Prevailing Wind: Northwest

Housing Units: 885
Employment: 100%
Population in graduate school or college: 6
Civilian Veterans: 186
Median Household income: $30,893
Houses less than $50,000: 202
Houses between $50,001 and $99,999: 168
Houses between $100,000 and $150,000: 23
Houses between $151,000 and $199,999: 4

Tuesday, January 30, 2007


This weather report is not doctored in any way. You can check for yourself.

Send turtlenecks.

Baker: Day 2

Today we actually spent back on the road. We had to drive the moving van back to Fargo, North Dakota. 14 hours later, we're back in Baker, still on the hunt for somewhere to live. It's an adventure.... right?!?!? Spirits are still high, but patience is starting to wear thin. I think Stephan is doing much better than I am. Tomorrow is another chance to get out and about and meet people, and hopefully get one step closer to having a real house to live in.

Thanks to everyone who's emailed and called. It's nice to know we have a group of people cheering for us.

Monday, January 29, 2007

Baker: Day 1

After passing the boards, packing up everything, and driving 1300 miles, we arrived in Baker, Montana on Sunday night. Matt and Kayle fed us and gave us a bed for as long as we need it. The girls are with us, but the cats had to stay home for now.

Our stuff is in the garage here, waiting for a home. We have a few leads, but nothing solid yet. Tomorrow will be spent on the road again to return the moving van to Fargo, North Dakota. That's 400 miles away. Wednesday we have a few houses to look at, and possibly think about registering the car and getting new cell phones.

It's hard to realize that we live here. It still feels like visiting. Emails from home help us feel connected, and Matt and Kayle are amazing hosts. We are very comfortable and greatful to be here with friends.