Thursday, April 29, 2010

Sawyer's First Food

To celebrate Sawyer turning 6-months old we fed him! He really loved the cereal, and of course we taped it! Enjoy the cute.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Overheard: Um, yeah.

Him: I read your blog.

Me: Yeah? The old posts are cool aren't they?

Him: It's crazy.

Me: I don't write like that anymore.

Him: Because nothing happens now. We're boring.

Me: ...

Him: ...

Me: We are!!

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Getting Ready!

Stephan and I are firming up our plans for the short (very VERY short) trip back to Montana soon, and I'm feeling much better about it. For one, it's been very hot in Chicago the last 2 days (yeah, I'm complaining about 80 degrees) and I think the humidity and air pollution are really starting to wreck havoc on my lungs. Sawyer doesn't like the heat either- he's been fussy, unable to nap for long, and waking up more at night. I can't wait to breath in the Montana air again. I might have to bring gym shoes and go for a few runs just to remind myself that I am in shape, just not 75% humidity and smog shape.

We're dragging our friend Kristen along with us for the ride. She's another Chicago-Montana-back to Chicago-person. It's funny that there's a group of us now.

But anyway, we're getting ready to go, and I'm sad. We're missing the Branding (assuming the weather is good). No waking up stupid early to go watch guys on horses round up and cut a bunch of cow-calf pairs... no drinking beer at 9am... no running from a boy chasing people with uncooked bull nuts... no awesome hair and beef-burning smell... I'm sad.

But we're going anyway! Fun!

Check out The Branding from our very first year- 2007! Sigh.

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Goings on



Saturday, April 3, 2010

Happy Something-That-Rhymes-With-Easter


"Anna gets down with her bad Metaphore-self"

Because it's just before Easter as I'm typing, but we celebrated Easter today at my parents' house, and we're celebrating again tomorrow... So, just be happy celebrating whatever it is you're doing right now.


We're planning a trip back to Montana. Here's what it feels like: it's like when you were in college and you had this really intense relationship with someone for years (YEARS!) and when college is over you break up but you promise to stay friends. So you start off ok, but you're in two different places, and new things start to happen and you realize you're kinda drifting apart. That you'll never really be totally involved in that person's life anymore. So that sucks. But you REALLY loved them, or, at least, loved the time you spent together. So you plan to hook up.

No, Mom, not like that.

But you're going to see them again. And, truthfully, you don't want to hook up, you just want to visit and re-live old times and catch up. But to do that makes you kinda sad, because a small part (or big part) of you wants to go back and be with them forever, in college, when times were simpler and you could split a large Papa John's pizza with a friend, wash it down with a bottle (or 4) of Boone's Farm, and wake up the next day feeling FINE!!! So then you're all conflicted because part of you wants to leave the past in the past and move on to the next adventure, but the other part wants to just hug that old dear friend for hours and never let them go. Ever.

That's what it's like to visit Montana.