Saturday, June 30, 2012


I spent some time reading a running blogs today. Then I remembered... sometimes runners need something specific.

Sometimes runners need someone to yell at them in their face to "keep going".

So if you need someone to yell at you in your face today, consider these capitol letters yelling:


Thursday, June 28, 2012


Today's run was supposed to be 10 miles.

That is NOT happening.

THIS is happening -------------------------------------------->;

I'm a smart girl. Sawyer fell asleep for his nap and instead of gearing up and going for a run today, I'm drinking water and sitting in a dark room. I can run later. Much later. When it gets cooler out. This would just be setting myself up for a failure.

I'm also checking out my fundraising goals and making sure I've got my head in the fundraising game for the next 22+ days. "Massage for Donation" is going really well. I'm right on target to hit my goal in the next 2 weeks. Yippie!!

Once this race is over on July 22nd I'm going to have to sit back and plan the rest of the "year" as far as running goes. Do I run more? Raise more money? Volunteer more? Or do I maintain my fitness and just focus on home more? Good thing I have 22+ more days before I have to think about it!!

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

The 1,000 Things

"The first person you have to inspire every day is yourself" Marc Parent, the "newbie" writer at Runner's World Magazine.

I love it. I think I'd forgotten it. I got too wrapped up in raising money, telling my cancer story, being a good roll model and a cheerleader for people in my life. I forgot that running is about me.

The other day I went for one of those runs that starts out with 1,000 things on my mind. I had so much to think about I was dizzy. But I started putting one foot in front of the other. It was a beautiful day. As I ran I thought about each thing, then imagined putting it on the curb and leaving it behind. By the time I got to the turnaround I felt amazing. As I came back home I started thinking about the 1,000 things again, but this time, as if they were just things on the road that were interesting, not as if they were things that needed to bother me. Seen objectively, the 1,000 things are just things.

And to think, I used to pay a lady $150 an hour once a week. Geeze. Do you know how many pairs of shoes I could have bought with that money???

Saturday, June 16, 2012

Well, When You're Hot...

The real solution to crushing disappointment (no drama here!) is to put your shoes on and go for another run. While you're at it, go for your long run, just to make sure that you still rock the world.

You know, when your 4 mile run has you in tears, finishing an 8 mile run two days later in amazing time, with a SPRINT at the end for good measure... it really does boost one's confidence. So that's what I did. Granted, it was 10 degrees cooler, but I changed my mantra. Ready for this one?

"Can you go any slower?"

If the answer was yes, which is usually was, I then laughed back at myself, "then do that!" And keeping the pace as slow as I could I had plenty of juice at the end. There were technical difficulties with my iPod and Nike+ not tracking accurately, so I did my best to estimate how far I went. Turns out I went 0.3 miles FURTHER than I was supposed to! So yeah, I'm totally feeling HOT HOT HOT now!

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

I'm Hot -- You're Hot -- He's Hot -- She's Hot!!

I started typing the title to this post and I ended up in 1987 for about an hour. I've never seen such a white man before.  And so much skin tight satin.

I digress.

I ran at 10:30am yesterday while the temperature was about 85 degrees. The run was scheduled as a 6 mile. I added a little degree of difficulty by printing out a handful of DetermiNation fliers and carrying them with me to hand out to people I passed as I ran (I gave out 10 of them!). After the first 3 miles I stopped for water and felt pretty good. I decided to just run out and back 0.5 miles so I could keep drinking water.

That plan? Fail. I barely made it back after attempting a mile. I had myself propped up on a street sign for a while, waiting for someone to call 911 because I was SURE I looked terrible. That didn't happen. I came home and drank water and laid on the floor.

And then the waves of disappointment hit. How am I going to finish a 1/2 marathon in the middle of July if I can't even get past 4 miles? I posted this question online and here are some of the answers. I'm saving them here because I know I'll need them later- and maybe you can use a little comforting today too!

Of course you could do it..I mean its great to Push ourselves but sometimes we have to know when to stop. Dont be disappointed because you atleast you went out and ran. And 4 miles is a accomplishment...Next time choose a time when its not so hot. But you did great. Im proud of you. Keep the good work out. And you will be ready for the Half Marathon if you want it bad it enough.

You absolutely can do it. We all have bad days - they're just part of the equation. You'll get back on track (sorry, no pun intended!) and be just fine on race day.

Of course you can, this is just one day in your training program. Just start looking into alternative times you can run when the temperture is a bit more reasonable. I like to run at night when it's cooled down. I also hear doing a few runs in the warmer weather can help you get use to it.

It takes 2 weeks for your body to adapt to running in the heat. So don't beat yourself up. 4 miles is great and as your body adapts you'll be able to do more. Also better to not overheat and look forward to another day of progress. Listen to your body and run smart. Start a positive self dialog in your mind. I agree with breaking up the runs into 2 smaller ones as you adapt too.

YOU sure CAN!!!!! Mind over matter! get those negatives out of your head they will hurt you!!!! YOUR a strong woman!!!! YOU got this!!!!! when you begin to struggle come up with a Montra!!! Mine is I can do this! And I love this I love this I LOVE THIS!!!! Half the battle is committing to doing the race ur more than half way there!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Strong mind, strong legs, strong heart, strong woman, strong runner.

I like the last one the best. It's significantly cooler today, but I don't have time for a run. My long run this week is tomorrow (8 miles). That's about when I had to bail on the 10 mile race and start walking. It's so weird how much harder things are in the heat and humidity. I never expected running in the summer to be such a different beast than in the winter.

Sunday, June 10, 2012

Gatorade here! Water's around the corner.

Repeat after me: Gatorade (water's around the corner)! Looking good! You got this! Awesome job! Go runner go!

I volunteered at my first race this weekend! Six of my new best friends from the DetermiNation team and I arrived at 5:45 in the MORNING in Highland Park. It took the better part of two hours to set up all the tables, mix the Gatorade (water's around the corner), pour it into cups, stack the cups three layers high, and explain to the mysterious Mexican housekeepers what we were doing. None of us had ever volunteered at a race before, despite the nearly 100 races between us.

And it freakin rocked! It was so exciting! It was so messy! It was so hot today! There were so many people! There are not enough exclamation points!!!!!!!

But seriously.

hee hee

It's hard to explain why I had so much fun. A big part of it was the simple fact that we were volunteering. I had forgotten how freeing it is to volunteer. I mean, they can't fire you, so just have fun, right? And it was DetermiNation, so, it was already supporting a cause I love. And the people who came out to help were hysterical. Everyone had that "all hands on deck" attitude that really makes life easier and more fun. We told jokes, we were a little slap-happy from the heat and early hour and lack of coffee and abundance of sports-enhancing beverage (water's around the corner).

And dirty. Did I mention that? I've spent the day in the zoo and felt much cleaner than in the 3 hours people were sweating and spilling and spitting on my legs (Note to self: buy more exfoliant).

There's also the part where I was thanked about 3,000 times in one day. And the boost I could see occasionally when I told people they "got this" and they believed me for an instant. Being encouraging to complete strangers for 3 hours straight definitely put me in an amazing mood. And a tired one. There might be more about this later. Especially the Ichi-go, ichi-eness of the whole thing.

Friday, June 8, 2012

Pant pant pant!

It's HOT! Drink more water. Be more careful. Put on more sun block. Wear more hats.

I'm volunteering at the North Shore 1/2 Marathon on Sunday morning at a water/aid station. I'm excited, but nervous. I've never volunteered for anything like this before, and I get WAY nervous meeting new people. So I'll be sweating before I start sweating.

If anyone out there wants to help out let me know!! It's a water station sponsored by....

(Have I over-used this logo enough yet??)

Monday, June 4, 2012


Hee hee. It's like DNation (for DetermiNation) but M for Motivation.

We, in the Koruba household, don't take half measures. Which is why I'm planning to attend a DetermiNation planning meeting this week. Because, you know, it's not an obsession unless you really REALLY dedicate yourself to it. And I think I'm ready to be obsessed with Fighting Cancer. There are reasons for this. Here is a list.

1. I sat in the sun with Sawyer for 10 minutes this morning without sunblock on. It was nice, but it freaked me out. Four years post melanoma the sun is still my enemy despite being told that it was "more of an immune system thing than a sun thing." I'm still not taking chances.

2. It's so easy to relax. Not run. Not put on the sunblock. Eat the pizza. Watch the reality TV. I need to remember what's at stake here. Reading amazing blog posts reminds me what I have to lose.

3. When I read The Emperor of All Maladies I realized that it only takes one stroke of genius to cure cancer. But it takes millions of dollars to research, test, and refine it. It also only takes one kind word to calm someone who is afraid, but it takes money to put the information and support groups together as well.

There's my 1-2-3 for my new obsession. Now put your shoes on.