Monday, November 9, 2009

Sawyer James FAQ: How did you pick his name?

Stephan and I had a list of boys' names ready, but our favorite was always Sawyer James. James was easy, since it's my dad and brother's name. Sawyer was a name that Stephan came up with while on a solo camping trip. As he was driving from Billings to Yellowstone National Forest he saw a sign advertising Sawyer, Montana. He jotted that name down next to the others, and it turned out to be our favorite.

Sawyer, Montana was a stagecoach stop many years ago. It doesn't exist as a town now, so it's a little difficult to find much information about it. But that's the story!

Check out the hospital's baby website to see his official stats.


Melissa Watson said...

Are you guys Lost fans? Because that's where I thought the name was from...the character Sawyer whose real name is James. Funny.

... said...

You're not the first person to mention that. Actually, we came up with the name in August before I'd ever watched Lost. Then in September I got put on bed rest and ended up watching the entire series- when I realized the Sawyer/James character name thing I just laughed. But, no, the name predates our Lost fascination.

Hope all's well with you!!