Thursday, December 17, 2009

Wait! Don't click away!

It's still us! We're still here! I just thought that a change of scenery for us warranted a change of scenery for the blog. Do you like it?

After a few hiccups we finally arrived in Mount Prospect (or, as I often call it: Chicago) Saturday night.

What kind of hiccups? Well, we had a trailer hitch put on the Escape so we could pull a small trailer with the remaining boxes. Thursday morning Stephan went to MIles City (80 miles West) to pick up the trailer from the UHaul guy. Turns out, the electricity pigtail that was put on isn't working. The UHaul-man can't let Stephan leave without the electricity working. Luckily (?) for us, there's a Ford dealer in good ole SMiles City. After another 2 hours there Stephan is told the part we need would be here in 5 days.


Back to the UHaul man. Our next option is to rent a small truck & tow the Escape. That's a great idea and Stephan almost agreed to that. However, we now travel with a rear-facing car seat and there is no back seat in a UHaul truck. The remaining option is for us to drive seperately: Stephan in the truck, me in the car with Sawyer and the dogs. This normally wouldn't be a problem except that the lack of sleep I've been experiencing makes me a great mom and an even better candidate for a mental institution. Regardless, Stephan drives another hour to Glendive to pick up the UHaul. He leaves the car in Glendive (doesn't this sound like that brain teaser about the wolf the chicken and the sheep?) and drives the truck to Plevna.

We load the truck with the last of the stuff (at about 4pm). Our good friend Gary drives me and Sawyer to Glendive (an hour away... noticing a theme yet?) to pick up the Escape. We meet up with Stephan in Wibaux ("WEE-bow") and begin driving at around 7pm.

Our triumphiant first night ended in Dickenson, ND, a mere 90 minutes away from Baker. The rest of the trip went very smoothly, ending in a triumphant return to the area on Saturday night to a house full of family and food. I have photos. I'll post them soon.

We're still settling in, finding our underware, getting the basic services like phone and internet set up. We still use our old cell phones, and if you want our home phone number just email us!

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