Monday, May 24, 2010

Get your clicking finger ready

I have a new FAVORITE (in capitol letters) thing!! Do you remember how much I love my Dyson vacuum cleaner? I spent, like, 3 days just posting about how it changed my life and I'll never be able to fully express my love for something inanimate? Well, this is better than that.

Uh huh. Better.

Also remember that me and cooking don't get along too well? I got that job cooking at the assisted living facility and it was kind of a big joke. So now, here's the new thing... it's E-Mealz. Click on the link and go "wow." Ok, I'll tell you what it is first. You sign up ($5.00 a month, seriously, I've saved at least $40 in two weeks so far) for 3 months at a time. Then, you choose what and how you shop for dinners. The categories are, like, "low-carb for two" or "family low fat" or just regular meals. You also pick your grocery store. Then, once a week, you download a shopping list and recipe sheet for all your dinners for the week. They've looked at what's on sale at your store, and what's in season, and HOLY COW are these EASY recipies. And amazingly delicious. Like, we're eating better (more healthy, unprocessed food) for cheaper (like I said, about $20 less in groceries per week) than EVER.

Here's the link again, CLICK THIS. It's worth a look, especially since trying it for 3 months is only $15. Stephan and I can spend that in one trip to Taco Bell.

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