Sunday, May 29, 2011

Going Deeper

So it's now been 4 weeks since the marathon. When people say to me, 'Hey! Good job on running that marathon!' I still roll my eyes and shake my head. Yeah, I finished a marathon, but I can't say that I ran the marathon. Almost every day I think back to the run and feel let down. I did a lot of research about post-marathon depression. It's a real thing. When you spend 8 hours a week for 20 weeks planning for something there's a pretty big hole in your life when it's over.

Stephan has had a few serious talks with me about the self-esteem and pride issues that have come up for me now. How do you finish a 26.2 mile race and not be proud of yourself? Especially re-reading all of these blog posts where I'm super-proud of the progress I was making.

While I physically crossed that finish line, I still have yet to cross it emotionally.

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