Sunday, May 18, 2014

Sit[ing] Right Down and Write[ing] Myself a Letter

Dear Anna from-a-week-ago,

Hey! Long time, no time-traveling letter!! Good to be writing you from where I sit on your future Sunday night. I just wanted to drop you a note to let you in on a secret that you might not know yet...

You're pregnant. Which means you've got a lot going on, you know, inside. And that means that you should consider, maybe, not doing so much on the outside. Want to review? Let's see what you have scheduled for the upcoming week:

Monday- 4 mile run, day with the in-laws
Tuesday- 12 hour work day (!!)
Wednesday- 3 mile run, then class, then dinner with friends, then a fundraiser
Thursday- 9 hours of work followed by a 3 mile run
Friday- 5 loads of laundry, 3 hours in a car, 2 mile run
Saturday- 6 hours of work, 3 hours in a car
Sunday- 6 volunteer hours at a water station, 3 year old birthday party, family dinner

And guess what? On Sunday night (that would be tonight) you are so tired you just cry for a few hours. Your throat hurts, your head is pounding, your feet could fit into your husbands shoes, and you're d.o.n.e. I'm not saying you should do anything differently in these next 7 days... I'm just sayin', maybe think about scheduling more couch-time. K? Thanks.

Anna from-a-week-from-then


RunnerGirl said...

good luck with your pregnancy! Sometime this week just take a few minutes to yourself to relax! :)

Annie Crow said...

Love it! And maybe you should post this somewhere...

Ali K. said...

Definitely...listen to yourself. You deserve couch-time!