Thursday, September 10, 2015

Across 5 Septembers

Does September always suck for me? I'm starting to feel like this month is my achilles heel. So I dove through the blog archives to find out. Let's review:

September 2010: We were infested with fleas. Sawyer was about to turn 1. Life sucked and I lost it on an hourly basis over everything.

September 2011: Stephan started Nurse Practitioner school. That was a bucket of suck. We swore a lot that month.

September 2012: Diagnosed with bipolar 2. Eff September.

September 2013: Almost gave up on having a second baby. Totally disorganized brain. I'd quit therapy completely and bailed on all of my wonderful self-care. Generally not doing well.

September 2014: Had a baby! Life was actually great that year (except for the 6+ hours of colic every night that went on for 8 weeks, and the sleep deprivation that messed with the mental illness).

So..... huh. 3/5 were terrible. 1 was border line, and the last one doesn't count because I created a human. I'm not trusting this month. The odds are against it. Oh, 2015? I'm headed back to therapy, with a high probability for meds. "Winging it" apparently isn't the best treatment plan for anything.



Annie Crow said...

But at least you've seen a pattern and can be proactive about it. So that's good.

November and February are my danger months, but I usually forget until I'm a ways in.

Melanie said...

This made me think of the Green Day song Wake Me Up When September Ends. I'm sorry it is such a sucky month for you.

Ali K. said...

Jenny Lawson, the Bloggess, talks a lot about September being hard. I think it's the end of summer, longer evenings, cooler starts to kind of play games with you emotionally and stuff. I hope things look up soon.