Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Frostbit Ears, #405, #417

Those are the temporary names for our three cows. "Frostbit Ears" has a black body and a white face, the others are entirely black. They are all "with calf."

Should we name them?

Any suggestions??

Photos to follow.


Anonymous said...

Elsie, Babe, and Moo-Cow

Kristenanne said...

carne and leche...are they dairy cows or butchering type? I am so sad that i missed you and stephan when you were only a couple of hours away from me. what are you doing for the holidays? parents coming back to montana ever? my momma is getting married in arizona this tuesday so i am on my way there. love you. miss you too. Happy turkey day!!! I am greatful and always will be for your friendship.

... said...

No, not dairy cows (so no dairy air), more like breeding cows.

Me: One of them will eat cake right out of your hand.

Mom: Well, then that one has to be Elsie.