Sunday, November 30, 2008

Catching Up

So much to type! So little time...

That's a lie, I just really want to get back to playing Wii Zelda. But I've been taking tons of photos and I've finally gotten the chance to upload them. Check them out, in no particular order here. The highlights of the last few weeks include: Stephan's friend Clint getting an antelope; Stephan being very good at hunting, and not so good at shooting; my fun Thanksgiving at a neighbor's house; our trip to Livingston, MT for post-Thanksgiving hunting, eating, visiting and shopping.

Oh yeah, and the boots I got for my birthday! After I bought them I called my mom and dad and told them that they could get mw boots for my birthday, and guess what? I already did all the work for them! And they were on sale. I love Murdocks.

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