Sunday, May 24, 2009

Updating with Good News

The Lady continues to show improvements. They've declared her infection-free so hugs are back on the menu. It's been the most relaxing/exhausting week of vacation I've ever spent anywhere. Why is sitting in a hospital room so tiring?

I leave bright and early Monday morning (6am flight out of Milwaukee) to go back to Montana. The Lady won't be out of the hospital for a few more days. They've got her on steroids which keeps the water in her body, and Lasix to drain the water, and lots of insulin to counteract the high blood sugar resulting from the steroids. The complications arising from the diabetes are... uh... complicated, and making this hospital stay last forever. She's also still on IV antibiotics- now through a PIC line (an IV directly into her heart).

Thank you to everyone who sent love and prayers- I truly think it all helps. She's grateful, and Mr. Lady and I are also grateful.

Now back to Montana!

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