Tuesday, May 5, 2009

What to do in Rapid City

Stephan and I took a mini-vacation last weekend over to Rapid City, South Dakota. He had bought tickets to see Ron White on Sunday night so we figured we would make a whole weekend out of it. Of course we stayed at a Super 8 so we could keep the dogs with us. We got there on Saturday evening and Stephan immediately wanted to get food.

So he left me to nap in the hotel room (good husband!) while he scouted the town. He called and asked me what I wanted for dinner. My exact instructions were:

"Seafood, like shellfish. Shrimp or crab, but not with a sauce, just cooked, and make sure you get butter. You know the melted salty butter that comes with lobster? Whatever you get, make sure the butter comes with it. Did I mention the butter?"

He came back with shrimp and lobster tail and FOUR tubs of melted butter. Not that I want to advertise for these people (because I'm not making any money for it) but it was the best meal, maybe of my whole life. There were moon biscuits, there was garlic sauce made of actual Italian people, and potatoes fried in angel sweat. I smiled for 4 hours nonstop.

Cravings 0: Husband 1

The next morning we found a bagel place that also granted my every wish: toasted white chocolate bagel with honey-vanilla cream cheese. I actually dreamt about that bagel later that night. We drove out to The Crazy Horse Memorial and spent 4 hours there. It was actually a 'blast day' and we say 3,000 TONS of rock blasted from the mountain. It was worth the wait, and amazing. Check out that website for the live webcam, it's awesome.

We skipped Rushmore (we were there 2 years ago) and went back to Rapid City for shopping! We focused on independently owned American Indian (or First Nations depending on how politically correct you want to be) stores. We didn't really spend that much money, but we were exposed to a lot of neat artwork. While we wandered around we mentioned to an old Indian woman that we wanted to visit Wounded Knee.

Lesson: Never get directions to the Indian Burial Ground from an Old Indian Lady

The trip the next day involved a space/time vortex and 90 minutes we hadn't planned on spending in the car. When we got there, there was no marker, no sign, and no way of knowing what we were looking at. Some other old Indians pointed out the cemetery and told us a bit about the history. It was also raining, but we still made it to the site.

Indian Burial Ground 0: Anna & Stephan 1

We got home in time for Stephan to shop again and bring back food. Ron White was awesome! I laughed so hard my stomach hurt, and continues to be sore today.

The ride home involved more rain, and we made it home just fine. No photos, though, I completely forgot the camera. Let me know if you have any questions about Rapid City.

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