Sunday, September 13, 2009

On the Dock of the Bay

Last Monday I started having contractions. It wasn't too big of a deal, except that they were coming pretty regularly. I went home and laid in bed for a few hours and they slowed down. Tuesday we drove to Billings for a doctor's appointment, but on the way home the contractions got more frequent (not stronger though). When I called my doctor in Glendive she wanted to see me immediately. Which we did. She checked me out and gave me the ok to stay in bed for another 24 hours.

I called her after those 24 hours and she "let" me stay in bed for another day. Today is Sunday. I've been in bed for about 6 days. I've watched more movies in a week than I have the rest of the year. I have some great recommendations for both TV and movies. Thank goodness for Netflix and Hulu.

FAQ: How do you feel?
Answer: Fine. Except, I'm getting tired of the intermittent tightness in my belly.

What's next? I go back to the doctor at some point to see if anything has changed. Worst case scenario would be for the doctor to "sit on me" for the next week and a half until Week 34 (Sept. 24th) when they'd send me to the big hospital in Billings to have the baby. Otherwise, I just hang out and wait for the real deal.

That's what I'm doing! Just sittin'...

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