Wednesday, June 9, 2010

End of Visit Wrap Up

Sunday we went to Harvest Bible Chaple in Rolling Meadows, then back to our place for a "small" family meal. It was the first meal we'd ever hosted at our house, so things were a little hectic. Not to mention our outdoor BBQ plans were literally washed out when it poured down raining. We had 20 adults, 5 toddlers, and 3 babies in the house. It was nice, but would have been much nicer if the outside could have held some people.

Again, I had not noticed how crowded even the simplist things can be in the city. When everyone poured into the house it got very loud and very... well... crowded. People were gone by about 6pm, babies in bed by 8, and adults awake and visiting until about 11pm. Visiting (remember from our Montana dictionary: hanging out talking) was really nice. Things get so busy here that time spent with friends is ususally spent 'doing' something, not just sitting and talking.

The next morning we woke up at 6am to get our friends to Milwaukee airport by 9:30. They made a cute picture, Mom, Dad, little cowboy and littlier cowboy disappearing into the big metal airport with all of their gear. Little Cowboy was excited to be flying on the metal chicken again. We're already planning our next trip back to Montana for Sawyer's first birthday (sometime in October). I miss Montana.

For a lot of reasons.


amy in colorado said...

you know.. i think that i could never leave colorado (as a home-base anyway) for the same reason.. after living out here in the west, where things are more open, laid-back, slower, and, somehow, more real; larger cities just feel less comfortable.. more people, but less interaction.. also, we use the term "visiting" here in colorado too :-)

Kristenanne said...

Each and every time you write about missing Montana, I join you.