Thursday, July 8, 2010

Wow = customer service!

Hi. Have you all given up on me? I haven't posted in such a long time! Why? Too much going on, but nothing really new. I quit my job, we went on vacation, our camera died, Sawyer is crawling backwards and eating lots of yummie home-made foods...

But something did happen that was really cool! I got a personal email from these people thanking me for talking about them on my blog. Huh. Cool! That got me thinking more about customer service and really taking time to thank people who help you succede. And guess what? I'm starting my own business again.




Declaration to the world: I'm going at it again. This time, Anjali Bodywork presents: Your Place or Mine? A referral based at-home massage therapy business. It's like doing business in Baker, but without the awesome room in the hospital. Totally word-of-mouth marketing, with the same awesome attention to detail and customer service I was able to give my Montana clients. I'm really excited and scared to take this leap again.

Gigantic thanks goes out to Melanie and Lauren for helping me with formatting, graphics, and wording. I'm accepting new clients now, and also any advice on starting a small business!

Just keep swimming... what do you think of my marketing so far?

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Kristenanne said...

Also, I have missed your blogging. Having a baby takes a lot of time, huh!? How'd our mothers do it?