Saturday, February 12, 2011

Dear me,

What have you done for me lately?

Training Week 6

today's temp = 40F
today's run = 7 miles
last week's miles = 13
this week's miles = 18.1
next week's miles = 22

This week's thought: Pride

Not in the biblical, 7-Deadly-Sins, way. But in the, if someone asked me when was the last thing I did that I was proud of I'd answer, "I ran 9 miles last Saturday" or "I ran a 5k in 31 minutes yesterday" way. I think I posted to Facebook a few weeks ago that I continually surprise myself with my own strength. I love that. I'm so happy that I'm the type of person who sees something I want to change- either about myself or the world- and I go out and make it happen.

Get cancer? Reduce my risk in every way possible.
Depressed? See a counsellor and work my butt off to get better.
Bad relationship? Try to fix it, fail, then end it.
Want to change the world? The trip to Honduras was a start.
Need to lose weight? 25lbs down and still losing.
Healthy family? Out of debt? Better job? Check. Check. Check.

The one thing I know I can't do is change anyone else. I can be a good example, but I can't convince anyone else to jump on the 'get better' bandwagon with me. If you're reading this and feel somehow inspired and just can't seem to find the motivation to change that one thing you've always wanted to change... just know that I'm going to run today. And if I'm not running today, then I ran yesterday and I'm going to run tomorrow. You won't be alone- I'm doing it too.


lagavula said...

Your BEST blog ever!

... said...

Mom, it must have been good!! There were at least 3 typos, and a glaring HTML problem and you didn't seem to notice any of them.

Kristenanne said...

tears...and inspiration. I needed this today. thank god for archiving.