Thursday, December 8, 2011

A Little Review

Since it's midnight... and what else does a mom of a 2-year-old do at midnight but re-read a year of her blog? I read through all of the Marathon preparation just now. Wow. I was insane. And what a let down!! I forgot how depressing that particular event was for me.

But then I kept reading and also remembered how the I.T. (illiotibial band) injury had me sidelined. And then... I think I was just being wimpy toward August there. So much drama! So much NOT running!! And poof! Just like that I ran a 1/2 marathon. Crazy, no? Where's the whining? The injury that changed my view on life and running forever? I put in 13.1 and just said, yea for me! (?!)


The second the weather cooled off a transformation occurred in my lungs. Anything less than 65 degrees is like breathing pure oxygen for me. Go figure. Where I used to get dizzy and weak trying to finish 4 miles, now I can easily put 6 or 7 behind me and continue on with my day. So there's something about temperature, and possibly pollen count, that had me down and out over the summer.

I'm back on the running bandwagon. I pulled out all my cold weather gear from last year and have put in a few really good runs this week. Am I really ready to go through the emotional ride that is marathon training? Or marathon running? Or marathon ranning (I made up that word as a past tense for running)?

One thing I've wanted to do for a while is raise money on a race. I've always looked to the American Cancer Society as a great place to dump money. Their resources and website were pivotal in helping me feel like I could handle life 4 years ago (4 years?! Already?!?!) and I'd like to help them help more people.

Of course, life looks a lot different now than it did last year. A 2-year-old is a different creature than a 1-year-old. My life revolves around the 60-90-120 minute nap he may or may not take. Stephan is in school now to become a Nurse Practitioner, so there went his free time. I can always collect medals for 13.1's. Those are fun and (apparently!!!!) easy....

Man, what a difference a year makes!!!!

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