Sunday, October 7, 2012

6am Just Wasn't Early Enough

I wake up at 6am to run.

I wake up at 5am to watch people run.


This morning is the Bank of America Chicago Marathon. It is a race I once comemmorated by running from an actual Bank of America bank near my house to an actual Marathon gas station about 1/2 mile away. I'm already in DNation blue. I'm carbo-loading with leftover Pad Thai. I've packed a baby carrier for the puppy that will be joining us this morning. There's also a giant tent in my car, and about 3 days worth of snacks for me. Current temperature: 41F.

I'm so excited. And nervous.

As of this morning, they've raised $1,150,945.62

Each runner raised a MINIMUM of $900. Let's pretend that's an even $1000. What does that get us?

97,835 new cancer patients contacted with personalized, cancer specific information


28,775 car rides to treatment for patients


23,020 patients given free pain medicine to help deal with treatment side effects


11,510 cancer survivors trained to give hands-on support


11,510 disadvantaged patients provided case management services through an ACS social worker


25,322 wigs


23.020 parties for pediatric cancer patients, hosted by medical students

So.... there's that. And I better get moving if I'm going to start layering all my blue and red and grab a coffee before I head out. Stay warm today, and send a few encouraging thoughts towards our 900 DNation runners (and the 45,000 total runners) about to take off this morning.


Annie Crow said...

So, at first this was funny (carbo-loading with leftover pad thai), and then very moving as you listed what the money would cover. Thanks for highlighting the good that charity + running can do.

... said...

Charity + Running is really amazing. And running with DNation is kinda like this post- it's so fun and funny and inspiring, and sometimes very touching, and always very important.