Saturday, March 9, 2013

Lie to Me

"I can't do interval training because if I stop to walk I won't be able to start running again."

The entire time I was training for that Marathon I kept thinking, "If I stop I won't start again." I practiced drinking water while running, taking on and off layers while running, not peeing for 4 hours... all on the assumption that slowing down or stopping would mean I had failed. 

God, that was such a mind f*ck. 

I'm learning so much going through this C25K program. The most important thing: take a break. You'll do much better after 60 seconds of catching your breath than if you try to gut out the next 25 minutes without it. 

A crazy man once told me to live like a wave crashes on the beach. Waves don't always swell- sometimes they recede. It's ok to recede. It'll make the swell that much sweeter. 



Annie Crow said...

Funny. And so true. Something to remember this year!

... said...

Living with a natural ebb and flow rhythm is so much nicer than trying to muscle your way though every day. Now, if only I practiced what I blogged about!!