Friday, September 13, 2013


I've discovered my biggest running weakness. Long, straight, flat roads. Or even long, straight, hilly roads. If I can see 2 miles directly in front of me, things are gonna go South (er, you know what I mean, not literally South, usually I'm running North on the route I'm talking about). Stephan just laughs and tells me that the straightaways are the best because you can just tune out and go forward.  I have historically chosen runs that have as many twists and turns as possible.

But lately I've been picking the out and back straight routes. And increasing my mileage. Because you're essentially running in place if you just keep knocking out the same 3 mile run three days a week. Forward means forward in the training plan. Forward in the progression of life. What's that science phrase: Adapt or Die? Physically move forward, yes. But also move forward in time, on the calendar. In your life.

Related: I quit my job yesterday. I have a grand new scheme I'm working on that's starting out giantly successful so far. I couldn't just treadmill my career. I needed to move Forward. So I should have plenty of time for running now. And plenty of things to think about and plan while I'm running.


Ali K. said...

I agree! I love a twisty, winding road. Anything to keep me interested.

Good luck on your new endeavor! I'm jealous...Sometimes I wonder what I'd do if I had the guts to just leave me job, but I have no idea what direction I'd go in.

Annie Crow said...

Woah, good for you. Hope to hear more about your new adventures.

Agree about the twisty roads, but sometimes it's good to have a different kind of challenge.