Monday, April 28, 2014

2 Miles to Go

I set myself up last week to run 4 times (which is one more time per week than I usually do). But it was Sunday night. It was 6pm. Stephan was out of the house, so I had no babysitter for my 4 year old. He's proficient on a bike, but the furthest we'd ever gone was 0.5 mile out and 0.5 mile back.

Also, it was getting dark with rain clouds.

"Grab your shoes. We're going for a bike ride, kid!"

It wasn't fast (17 minutes per mile) and we could hear thunder once or twice. It started sprinkling at exactly the 1 mile mark. And I had to push him to keep him moving a few times. But we finished our first bike/run outing! As we walked into the back entryway lightening lit up the sky, thunder shook the floor, and the sky opened up and poured down rain.

It was pretty awesome.


Annie Crow said...

Marvelous! The Dude has gone running with Buddy on the bike a few times, I've gone with him once on his stroller, but that's it. Somehow I alway send up stuck with Goo...

Ali K. said...

That sounds like a really nice way to get a run in AND promote healthy family time :o) I love racing a storm!