Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Overheard: Festivus

Him (playing a game on his phone): I found 2 out of 3 hidden bunnies.
No bunnies were harmed in the typing
 of this post

Me: In the game?

Him: No (sarcastically). In the house.

Me: Well, we probably do have at least three chocolate bunnies around here. I had one in the bathroom for a long time.

Him: WHAT??! Why?

Me: I dunno. It was in there and I just keep forgetting to put it with the rest of the candy. The kid got a bunch of them and I just haven't consolidated them. This is weird?

Him: YES! You. Blog. Now.

Me: Um (laughing in a slap-happy way), I don't know if this is funny.

Him: We have actual chocolate bunnies stashed in different rooms of our house. That's got to be funny.

Me: It's just lazy to me, but ok.

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Annie Crow said...

Funny, yes. And not lazy. It's a parent thing, I think. You see something that needs to be taken care of but it's not an opportune time to do so, so you mean to come back and take care of it, but by the time you've left that room to take care of whatever crisis interrupted you you've forgotten about that other, less urgent thing. And then you see it again another time and go through this whole process again.

The other week I walked around with an unnecessary pacifier in my hoodie pocket for a whole day for exactly this reason. I'd pat my pockets down, wonder, what's this lump?, pull it out, not be anywhere near where it should go, and put it back in my pocket until such time as I could put it away properly. And then forget about it. And then do it all over again. I lost track of how many times I wondered what was in my pocket and then pulled it out.