Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Not Quite a Pregnancy Dream

**Edited to spell "Rocky" correctly**

I don't make a habit of being on the internet right before bed (it's just not good sleep-hygiene). But last night I scrolled through the Runner's World website, and stared longingly at the Run Outfit of the Day (RUNootd), while wishing I could just run a mile again.

A few hours later, in my sleep, I ran. My smaller, more efficient, body tackled the familiar streets of my neighborhood, and then did a Rocky-esque loop through the stadium at Wrigley Field: pounding into the turns and twists of the concrete ramps up to the top of the seats. Stephan was there, running next to me, and we talked and ran happily together (just like we never really have... so this was obviously a dream).

It sure beats that old Zac Effron pregnancy dream!!


Annie Crow said...

That is so very cool.

My best dreams are of running! I have some I remember from years ago.

Ali K. said...

I love when I dream about running!!