Friday, October 31, 2014

Best. Parenting. Advice. Ever.

"Honey, I was listening to the radio, I don't know what station, I can't tell what the stations are on this radio, just that it was 100-something FM or maybe 89-something AM. But anyway, this man who was talking started talking about the things the president is doing, and isn't doing, and he was proving it with facts, not just words, but facts about what is really going on and how he's ruining our country, and all of those other things, and then he said that all the kids today are fussy and hyper because their parents make them listen to all the terrible music that's on the radio today, instead of the classical music that people used to listen to all the time in the old days, but then I thought, no, not Anna, I bet she makes that baby listen to the good classical music and not all that radio music, and that's why I called you to find that out."

So we're listening to classical music today.

Because... facts.

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Annie Crow said...


Our kids are being raised on a steady diet of rock (The Dude), country and soul (me), and jazz (both of us). Classical seems to be the one area that neither of them are into, despite our interest.