Sunday, November 2, 2014

Through No Fault of Our Own

We broke an exercise ball without ever exercising.

Now, get your minds out of the gutter. It wasn't anything icky. The colic is continuing into its 3rd full week, and the exercise ball is still the method of best soothing. Last night, Stephan was sitting on the ball bouncing with the Tiny One, when he noticed his knees much closer to his chest than they used to be. And when he stood up, the now-egg-shell-shaped "ball" slumbered across the floor.

Stephan looked at me with panic in his eyes and asked, "How late is Target open?? We can't survive this without a ball!"

Welcome to week 7.


Annie Crow said...

Do you have any rocking chairs? We used ours a lot with our colicky one.

... said...

We have a glider but he doesn't like the back and forth. The picky tiny thing only likes up and down! (Maybe I SHOULD have done more swimming and less running!!)