Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Overheard: lolz

Him: I had a patient today who was Bipolar.

Me: I or II?

Him: Just one guy. Oh, wait, no. Bipolar I.

Me: And?

Him: And it made me glad we're just dealing with the #2. Which reminds me, did you make the appointment?

Me: No.

Him: Why not?

Me: Ok. So, listen to this. I have a reason. I know I've waited tooooooo long to make an appointment with a new therapist, BUT I have a reason. A real one. Because... I mean.... what do they even do anyway?

Him: This is not a real conversation.

Me: No! Really!! Like, I get that, like, medicine can change the serotonin in your brain... and massage can affect your heart rate... but, like, just talking to someone? What does that even do?

Him: It doesn't matter.

Me: Yeah it does.

Him: You still don't know how the microwave works, but you use it every day.

Me: This is different.

Him: I feel SO bad for your old therapist. You are a very difficult patient. Also, remember the time you told him therapy is just 'placebo effect'?

Me: Well....... it kinda is.

Him: It doesn't matter. Make the phone call. You're impossible.


Ali K. said...

LOL...I so identify with this!

Annie Crow said...

I like the microwave analogy. I'd run with that. And placebo effects are still effects.

Perhaps the first thing you could ask your new therapist is to make a list of why, exactly, therapy might be effective in your case. Then if you (and your husband) are unimpressed with it, that's a sign to keep looking.

Good luck! Finding a good (ie. effective) therapist is hard. So much depends on personal chemistry, not just how "good" a particular therapist might be.

... said...

It's so funny to me that some days I'm a giant fan of therapy, and couldn't imagine my life without it. And other days it's completely flips. I don't see the point and I'd rather do ANYTHING than "waste" my time sitting in an office.