Friday, May 29, 2015

What, What??

The weirdest synchronicity just happened.

The kids both fell asleep at the same time. At 4pm.

I have a babysitter scheduled for 4:30 to watch them while I do a massage at the house. So at 4 I kinda freaked out. What do I do now? My mind started spinning. Quick! Pay bills! No! Fix your hair! Laundry! Sleep (can't do that, too little time)! Drink wine (that one was autopilot)! Check Facebook!

So I have 10 minutes now. And my brain exploded so hard that I figured I would catch the moment here. The babysitter is here. The boys are asleep. I have nothing to do for 10 minutes. It's.... like the universe is about to implode with quiet.

8 minutes now......

1 comment:

Annie Crow said...

I never knew what to do with those moments either.

Oh, the joys of an infant in the house.