Tuesday, December 2, 2008

The 100th Mile

While we were in Lewistown I went for a short run along a great path the city had made out of the old railroad track. It was a nice morning, not too cold, and not very crowded. When I got back I looked at the Nike+ data on my iPod and realized that I was exactly 0.97 miles away from hitting the 100 mark! I told Stephan and he asked me to wait to run the last mile so he could come with me.

We got home so late last night that we HAD to eat dinner and bake Amish Friendship Bread. After all that it was close to 9:30pm. But it was just a mile, so we piled on warm clothes and walked out to the Community Center gym. Stephan watched Good Morning Vietnam for the 11 minutes it took me to finish the mile. With no warm up or cool down I'm a little sore today, but glowing nonetheless.

I hit my goal 1 month early!! Anyone got any ideas for the next one?

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