Monday, March 30, 2009

Telling Winter to Suck It

- or -

Why Winter Blows

- or -

Winter Really Needs to Go Take A Powder

Cold. Snow. 45 mph winds. Etc. Etc. Most of you are feeling the same pain. And I live in Montana, so I kinda had it coming. However, the house tried to eat me again today. I woke up at 8am, heard on the radio that the road from me to work (aka, THE road) was closed. So I cancelled my clients for the day, and snuggled with the dogs and my text books. About an hour later I had to add another blanket. 30 minutes later I threw on a second sweater. Another 45 minutes and the tight butt I inherited from my dad decided to up the heat.

What's this? It's up to 70... but where's the heat? Nothing coming out of the vents. Downstairs I can hear a fan running. The thermostat reads 54 degrees, and falling. Stephan is at work. Gary, our other "guy friend" is also working. I call our "couple" friends and ask for help. With 4 layers of clothing on I answer the door as they bring in a huge electric fireplace. Sweet! But they couldn't fix the heater either.

So I called Verke Refrigeration, and Mr. Verke showed up 30 minutes later (this is about 2pm). After some messing around (which included discovering that we hadn't changed our furnace filter in about 9 months- bad idea with 2 dogs and 2 cats) he found that the little sensor meant to tell the heater when the pilot light is lit was bustacated, technically.

By 3:30 the heater was back on, and I was able to change out of my pajamas, Stephan's pajamas, my work-clothes, and Stephan's sweats, jeans, shirts, sweaters and socks. I'm so lucky that Stephan's clothes fit perfectly over my own.

So- me vs the house and once again, I win.

As my mom would say, "na na na na na na".

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Waski_the_Squirrel said...

I'm actually enjoying the snow. It looks so pretty and my driveway is shoveled (fairly) clear. It also got me out of a meeting I didn't want to attend. What's not to like?

I do sympathize about the heat. At church, both furnaces have conked out so we had to skip services last Sunday.