Monday, March 15, 2010

About Some Friends

I know that the political and religous views of my readers are vast and varied... so I'm posting this knowing that some of you might not agree with it. Sorry, doing it anyway. I support the ability for gay people to be legally married in this country. If you don't, you might want to just skip this post.

Check out this website to read a sweet story about a friend of mine from high school. Actually, he's not really even technically a friend- I bet he doesn't remember me at all. Regardless, he is in love, and is going to get married. They registered with Crate and Barrel's Ultimate Wedding Contest along with tons of other people. It's become somewhat of a large controversy over there, and they are asking for positive support from anyone who cares to share it.

To vote, you do need to register your email address, which I did, but no junk email has resulted. If you don't wish to support them, please just don't click on the website. They only need positivie support right now.


[steps down off of soap box]


Maria said...

I agree and I did go and vote for them!!

Amy in Colorado said...

Marriage is a beautiful commitment - a commitment often lost on many in this day and age (regardless of gender or sexual orientation), so, when two people are in love and have made that step to join together for a lifetime in front of family friends, and yes, God, I support it! I have voted for your friends, and I hope that they find many more who agree that they deserve that Ultimate Wedding!

Kathy said...

they are so cute...i voted for them and it seems like the little exploring I did they are in the running for sure!

Love it!