Sunday, March 7, 2010

Crawling Back into My Hole

I'll have access to my next MPH (Masters in Public Health) class In less than an hour. It's Biostatistics. Whoow. So this'll be interesting to see how fit studying into being a mom. A friend of mine laughed at me, saying I reminded her of one of MTV's 16 and Prgnant girls. That's cute, there's only a 15 year difference! Oh yeah, and a responsible and wonderful Baby-Daddy.

So far, I love the few hours I get out of the house at The Welless Center doing Massage and Healing Touch. It's wonderful to touch people again: physically and emotionally. I can't wait to throw something exciting at my brain! Stephan is on his last of a 4 day stretch of working. He's tired, but it's nice for all of us to get into a routine.

The little man? He's doing a lot of talking lately. He looks us right in the eyes and babbles. There aren't many consanents yet, but the laughing and cooing is the best sound to my ears ever. I'm trying to catch it on tape. As soon as I do I'll get to share it! WARNING: cutest thing ever. Ever.

So far.

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