Monday, September 20, 2010

One Full Week

We discovered the fleas a week ago. I haven't posted anything because we're still trying to get our head above the proverbial water about all this. I figured I'd let you guys in on what we do every day since last week:

1. Wake up, strip beds, take off pajamas and put that all in the laundry.
2. Start by vacuuming Sawyer's room, chair and carpet. Wipe down all hard surfaces.
3. Vacuum bedroom, moving bed and nightstands.
3a. Breakfast
4. Vacuum hallway, then dining room, moving chairs & table. Wipe down all hard surfaces.
5. Vacuum livingroom floor, then all couch cushions and couch, front and back
6. Vacuum livingroom floor again. Wipe down all hard surfaces.
7. Change laundry to dryer.
8. Put baby down for a nap.
9. Clean kitchen, bathrooms, fold laundry.

That usually takes about 3-4 hours. The rest of the day is making dinner, babyfood, lunch for Stephan, or visiting friends and family. The dogs are still living in the kitchen, the cats have made a permanent home outside until I decide what else to do with them. We're breaking down and bombing the basement because there's just too much stuff down there. I get to go to work tonight, so I'll have a few hours of a break before starting it all over again in the morning. I really thought we were gaining on all this, but last night I found more than 12 new bites on my legs and torso.


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