Thursday, November 4, 2010

Another Open Letter


While we're remembering things

Do you guys remember this??

And then there was this crazy emotional post that prompted a lot of people to call me and ask if I was pregnant (which I wasn't).

Shortly after that was this.

Well, Internet, guess what? I actually ran a 10K this year. Then, today, I finished my own personal 5K in 33 minutes. When I got home and uploaded the run I found out that I've run 500 miles so far. 500 miles in 2 years. 500 miles since Cancer. 500 miles on 16 stitches in the bottom of my foot.

Dear Life,
I win.

1 comment:

Kristenanne said...

and love for you.
Thinking about you everyday honestly and going to start blogging again.
Dear life, Anna spanked your ass.