Wednesday, January 12, 2011


Training Week 1

today's temp = 30F
today's run = 5.6 miles
last week's miles = 20
this week's miles = 19.6
next week's miles = 20.6

This week's thought: my trainers are insane.

I have trainers?? Sure. I have two "trainers". If you know me, you know who they are. If you don't, then let me introduce you to them: Trainer A (for Anal) has trained for 5 marathons and has finished 3 of them. He's currently trying to qualify to run the Boston Marathon, one of the country's most prestegious races. He has been known to say things like, "what angle to you hold your wrists at when you run?" and "if you don't do exactly everything I tell you to do, you are going to end up getting surgery on both feet by the end of the race."

Trainer B (for Balance) has run one marathon, and did so while drunk. He frequently says, "just put your shoes on and start running. The rest will sort itself out." Even if you don't know me, you probably can guess who Trainer B is.

Parts of me can relate to both trainers. I see the value of doing the research, tracking the miles per hour, adding up the calories and balancing out the healthy meals with the calories burned. Another part wants to be spontaneous and spur-of-the-moment, and I want to be the person who can step "out for a jog" and run 3+ miles without a real plan. I'm lucky that I have these two people in my life who can inspire me in the two ways I know I need to be inspired. I'm incredibly grateful to both.

Back to my original thought ("my trainers are insane")... now that I've typed all of that I realize that it's not they who are insane. I think it really might be me. Almost every day before I run I ask myself, "whose idea was this?!" and the answer always comes back in the mirror.

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