Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Gearing Up


Eso Si Que Es

Pre-training Week 5

today's temp = 22F
today's run = 6 miles
last week's miles = 19
this week's miles = 20
next week's miles = variable

Thought for the week: while wearing 3 layers of old ratty clothes does keep me warm, having the right gear on sure helps me feel like this is serious business. First of all, socks. Yes. Socks. Nike Dri-fit running socks. They're amazing. It's like someone is holding onto the arches of my feet every step I take. It's like wearing ace-bandages that are super comfy for the entire run. I leave them on for about an hour after the run to help reduce the swelling in my feet. Since they don't get sweaty, I don't ever mind. 

Secondly, my amazing brother, Jimmy, gave me Under Armour baselayer clothes. Electric blue shirt and black bottoms. I wore them for the first time today (you know, under the sweatpants t-shirts and sweat shirt). Uh-maze-ing. I'm not sure I really felt warmer, but I totally felt like a real runner. Whenever I got tired I'd look at the flash of blue sleeve and remember that I have real running clothes on and woot!! here I am! 

We have 15.5 weeks until the marathon. Sometimes that seems like a really long time. Sometimes it feels like there's no way I'm going to be able to run 20+ miles. Like, ever. 


Fredrika Johnson said...

Hi, I just happened to find your blog. Good luck with your training!You are lucky to live in a such a warm climate that you can run through winter. I just got home from work and my body is aching to run, but it is too frozen and slippery, it's too risky. And good for you for the socks, it's sooooo nice to have good running stuff. It's like running on top of the cloud sometimes :) Best wishes, Fredrika

... said...

Thanks for the comment! I'd never really considered Chicago to be a "warm climate" (especially lately on those sub-20 degree days), but it's true that I am lucky to be here! Where are you and how did you find us?

Thanks again!