Saturday, January 22, 2011

My Parents Read this Blog

Training Week 2

yesterday's temp = 3F
today's run = 7.0 miles
last week's miles = 20
this week's miles = 20.5
next week's miles = 18

This week's thought: if marathon training isn't sexy, what IS sexy??

This is Kate O'Neill. She is an Olympic marathon runner. She finished third in the Chicago Marathon in 2007.

This is Gisele Bundchen. She is a Victoria's Secret model. A famous one.

I think I respect Kate more than Gisele. I think I'd rather have Kate's list of accomplishments instead of Gisele's money and fame. I think Kate is cooler. Is cooler sexier? Hmmm. I'd rather be Kate than Gisele. So maybe I'd rather be cooler than sexier. I can never be a Vic Secret model. I can be a marathon runner.

The ads have started pressuring people to get ready for 'bikini season'. The Resolutionists have begun to lose steam at the gym. I have run 60 miles in the last 3 weeks, and actually gained 3 pounds. I can't be in this to lose weight. I am just too darn hungry, and spend too much time planning the runs to worry about calories. So... sigh... I'm just running to run. Finish the 26.2.

There are 98 until April 30th.

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amy in colorado said...

i disagree.. every woman can be a victoria's secret model!! confidence is sexy, health is sexy, brains are sexy.. and the cool, quiet, knowing of a woman that she is the sexiest woman in the world to her man makes every woman, every wife, every girlfriend, every mother, the sexiest victoria's secret model ever - even in comfy sweats and a ponytail - even at their less than ideal weight :-) I have equal respect for Kate and Gisele as strong, smart, independent, confident women at the top of their game.. your post makes me think of the movie "what women want," and, even though fictional, the focus was on strong and independent women, and a competition over a nike ad that highlighted a woman running, just to run, because that was all that mattered in the moment - the woman, lost in the moment of herself.. so run on, run hard, and run just to run.. Kate and Gisele and the rest of us women will run along with you, as fellow women who believe in the cool, quiet, confidence that only a woman can know.. and men will never quite understand.. because, at the end of the day, isn't that mystery what makes us truly sexy??