Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Blah blech blah

Stupid. Ok. Two weeks ago I had a glitch in my Nike+ and accidently ran 10 miles instead of 12. But I'm a smart girl and I should have noticed that something was wrong when I finished in 2 hours instead of 2 hours and 30 minutes. But whatever.

So today I veered from the schedule on the advice of my trainer and did a 3 mile "fit test" instead of a 4 mile easy run. The plan was to warm up for a mile, sprint a mile, and cool down for a mile. Great. Awesome. Except for the sprint part. With only .09 left in the sprint mile I lost my breath and had to stop.

GRRRRRR!!!! Now I feel like I tanked a scheduled run AND didn't even get the cool accomplishment of finishing my fastest mile ever. I have no idea how fast I ran that mile.

So blah. Sometimes, it's just blah. And that's ok. None of this is about just one run. None of it is about just one day. Even April 30th isn't the biggest deal. The biggest deal is the sum of all the parts.

No, I can't even find much inspirational right now. Today was blah and that's it. Blah is ok. Maybe that's the inspiration. Should I print this out and post it on the wall?

"blah is ok"

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