Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Can you Hear me Now?

Today's run was 8 miles. I didn't get to rest yesterday, so I ran today on a semi-injured leg and foot. It was cold today. I didn't drink enough water. Sawyer fought taking a nap for 90 minutes. 2 miles into the run I had a choice- I could either turn left and make two, 4 mile loops. Or I could stay straight and run further from home, not giving myself an option of stopping early.

I kept going. Almost exactly halfway along the run, 4 miles from home, I had almost had it. I didn't really have a choice. I couldn't just stop, I couldn't walk that far.

A little old lady stepped out onto her porch, cupped her hands around her mouth and screamed into my ear as I ran by, "LOOKING GOOD!!!" I smiled like an idiot for 2 miles straight after that. Random old lady thinks I was looking good!!


Kristenanne said...

Thank you random old lady! I love wonderful things like that. I called mine this summer my mexican angel I think. LOL love you. keep up the great work Anna!!!

John said...

Random acts of them!
Way to keep going on your journey...your doing great!