Saturday, June 4, 2011


I gave a few talks in Montana about what yoga is and what it means. It included a short demonstration. I've taken a bunch of yoga classes, and watched a BILLION yoga videos. Yoga means "uniting". Uniting the body with the breath, the mind with the body, the person with the universe. Something you will hear from every yoga teacher in this country is to never compare your own yoga postures to anyone else's. Yoga is not a competitive sport.

I am starting to believe that running isn't a competitive sport either. This morning I had a fun discussion about what it means to PR. PR stands for Personal Record. Let's say you run a 5k in 45 minutes one day. The next time you run it in less than 45 minutes, you've just PR'd. Great job by the way!

It's all about the PR. How are YOU doing today? What was YOUR time? Stop looking at everyone else's time, speed, pace, cute pants. Wear your own cute pants.


Anonymous said...

Please find the cute running skirt for your mother.

Kristen said...

I will. Today, I PR'd in the pool! That sounds wonderfully horrible :)