Thursday, June 30, 2011

Still Nothing New

Hi. How are you? Good? That's good. Me? I'm good. We've been on vacation, and now we're back, but we might go camping soon. How's the running? Eh. Still dealing with IT band issues. That's about it. I had really high hopes of running the Chicago 1/2 in August, but I can't get past a 2.0 mile mark where my leg seizes up completely. So there's that.

Stephan is working lots.

Sawyer is awesome. He's growing so fast and he's learning so many new things every day!! I think I'm learning more about myself than I expected too. For one thing, I learned that I say, "HEY!!" a lot because Sawyer has started saying it all the time. I'll try to get a video posted here in the next few weeks.

Until then- turn off your computer, get outside and take a walk!!

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