Monday, May 28, 2012

Always Looking Forward

It's barely 48 hours after the Soldier Field 10 Mile race. While the actual running part of the race was a little disappointing, the support from the DetermiNation team was incredible. It was amazing to feel like this race was MY race. In a crowd of 13,000 people, this race was MINE. Maggie rang a loud bell in excitement when she saw I raised $1,000. There was coffee. There were photos. There were people who had been affected by cancer, who HAD cancer, who were fighting cancer, who were running next to me.

As we turned the corner toward the players tunnel I thought again about the seven names on ribbons on my back. I started to cry, and then my throat slammed shut. I heard a high pitched whistle and was scared to realize it was coming from my throat. I looked over at Stephan and grabbed his shoulder. A woman saw me and asked if I needed her to call a medic. I shook my head no. It took 2-3 minutes but I used all my exercises and worked through it.

We finished in just over 2 hours. Of course- slower than I wanted. And what happens when Anna doesn't reach her goals?? She keeps working. She charges ahead.

She immediately registers for another race.


Annie Crow said...

I am so with you on immediately registering for another race if I don't meet my goals. I've gotten some PRs that way too!

... said...

Not to mention... Maggie with the DetermiNation team was VERY persuasive!! Running a race with so much VIP treatment really spoiled me. And it was really neat to see how generous people can be!!

Have you ever run a charity race?