Sunday, May 6, 2012

Finally! Trail Run!!

It poured today. Poured down cats and dogs. There was thunder. There was a lot of lightening. But an hour before I wanted to head out, the rain stopped. The clouds parted and the sun came out.

Running shoes on. iPod set to stun. Perfect temperature. No people. Seriously, there weren't any people on the tail. It was really creepy. When I started running I mostly used the adrenaline that hit when I started thinking about all of the serial killers that could be hiding in the woods. Maybe homeless people who are hungry and would kill me for my meat? Bored teenagers? Drug addicts?

I didn't listen to music. I turned around every few minutes to check the trail. And then....!!! There was a lady with a dog. A very nice dog. And nothing happened. There was some mud!! And I landed in it. I knew that I was supposed to shorten my strides and slow my pace, but with the immanent threat of the homeless and deranged I couldn't slow down.

And then I was back at the car, sweaty, makeup still on from work, hair a mess. But done with my first ever trail run! I put my mud soaked shoes in a grocery bag and drove home barefoot. Proud. Successful!!


Ragnor Relay said...

I have tried trail running before and I find it hard. Congratulation for the job well done.

... said...

Thanks! We'll see if it really does help my road-racing!!

Annie Crow said...

Happy for you! Trail running is awesome. But no, don't bother bringing the iPod when on the trails, you need to have all your focus be on your surroundings.