Thursday, August 22, 2013

Catching Up

It took me a while to realize that this was going on. But I'm here now! A virtual runner friend named Ali tagged everyone she knows in a post on her blog, and that includes me. So here goes:

1. What is your ideal weekend?

I'm such a home-body. It would be sleeping in, eating homemade breakfasts and 'bumming' around with my husband and kid. But not housework. Just going to the park, the pool, a movie, snuggling in bed in the morning... that kind of thing. 

2. When you were in school, what was your favorite subject?

Choir. Seriously?! They give you credit for standing around singing songs? No tests. No homework, and it can be taken for honors credit. Sign me up baby. 

3. Name one teacher who you remember - for something positive - and tell me why you remember them.

Mr. Deignan, the theater construction teacher, told me I should NOT go into theater design and should find a real job. I got so mad at him I majored in theater in college and became an award-winning lighting designer (for a few years before finding another "real" job). 

4. What was your first race?

My first official bib-wearing race was the 2011 Nashville Rock n Roll full Marathon. Insane. 

5. What is your favorite takeout food?

Pad Thai. It's a pre-race carb loading tradition for me. 

6. What's the earliest you've ever gotten up to go for a run?

Does my 2am Ragnar run count? Other than that, races have me up between 4 and 5am.

7. What's the latest you've ever headed out for a run?

I think I did one at 11pm one night to get one mile done in the middle of a run streak.

8. What is something you've accomplished that you're proud of?

Having the courage to change careers when I realized that what I was doing wasn't healthy for me. Walking away from a very prestigious and profitable job to spend days in quiet rooms healing souls was incredibly gutsy. And surprisingly rewarding.

9. Who is your biggest cheerleader/motivator/supporter?

My husband!! And Melanie.

10. If you could go back in time and change one event from your life, what would you choose, and why?

I'm paranoid about wanting to change my past, because I'm always afraid it would mess up the absolutely amazing life I have right now. Like, if I had gotten in that limo with Michael Buble, or had not gotten into a cab with that stranger in New York (Mom, you don't want to know), the wacky chain of events that brought me to Stephan, massage, Sawyer, and Montana might never have worked itself out. 


Melanie said...

Cool I got a shout out! You are mine too! My favorite answer was to number 10 though. Very true. Every step that was made in the past is what made you who you are now. Thank goodness you didn't get into the limo. It made for some big adventure for us afterwards! :-D

... said...

Awww Melanie! I refer to you all the time, I just rarely use your name because I figured you'd like to stay anonymous!!

Ali K. said...

I love your answer to #10! And I'm so glad you played along, because your blog brings so much sunshine to my days!

I can't believe your first official race was a half!! Way to go big!!

... said...

Ali.... my first race was a FULL marathon. Go big or go home, as my husband says!!!