Thursday, August 29, 2013


This is NOT what I'm posting about today. I'm posting about that time when a bunch of stuff is starting to catch up with you, your to-do list is getting much longer than you have time for, and you're adding another thing to the list, and your friends texts you to say, "I'm ordering pizza tonight, bring wine and your kid if you want to hang out."

And you spend 3 hours talking about everything from work stress to how many bras a woman should legitimately have. And hairspray. And whether or not gifted children get into their first choice of colleges. And you come home, happily tipsy after splitting two bottles of wine, and think to yourself, "Yeah, there's a lot going on right now, but everything's going to be jussssst fine." and fall asleep with your spouse for just a few hours of quiet soft sleeping time.

Life IS good!!!


Ali K. said...

I miss having girlfriends like this. All of mine live so far away. Sounds like a perfect evening.

Annie Crow said...


If you brought the kid, how did he let you alone to have that conversation?

... said...

Haha. We bring the kids. They all hang out. They were probably playing refugee or escape from the dragons or something.