Monday, October 14, 2013

Marathon Weekend

Most frequently asked question: Did you run the Chicago marathon?

Answer: No. I volunteered with DetermiNation! I cheered! I let myself be inspired by the amazing people around me!

And then I ate a pizza (heck, watching charity runners burns calories too!) came home and slept for ten hours.

Being a part of a charity makes waking up at 4am very exciting.

Being part of a charity means every red, white, and blue shirt I see makes my heart flutter. The people who have raised thousands of dollars ($1.4 million the last time I checked) because of their personal stories inspire me.

$1.4 million is SUCH a huge amount of money I was just overwhelmed by typing it. With my experience raising money, I know that the $1.4 is made up of $10.00 donations, $100 donations, even $5.00 donations. Each person handed over their precious money because they know someone whose life was changed by cancer. Every dollar is a person who had to hear, "You have cancer." That massive amount of money is made up of tiny drops of dollars given by thousands of people because of the pain and triumph they've all felt.

The American Cancer Society does good work. The people who ran the marathon for a charity do amazing work. I'm super proud to be associated with all of the positive energy and triumph that this weekend meant for so many people.


Annie Crow said...

I thought of you every time I saw a DetermiNation t-shirt!

Ali K. said...

I love volunteering for a race, especially one that's for a good cause!

... said...

Yay Annie!! You'll have to run with us one day!! The Shamrock Shuffle is a pretty popular one!! As is the Soldier Field 10 mile. I could be very convincing!!