Monday, October 28, 2013

Overheard: Apology

Me: Hey. I'm sorry this new job thing is making me nuts.

Him: What, specifically, are you talking about?

Me: You know, I get excited, then sad, then hopeful, then scared... oh... wait... no, that's just life.

It's EXACTLY like running, which is exactly like life. One day you head out and it's all birds-singing, miles flying by, pace is perfect, best run of my life. Another day you can be 2 minutes off your pace, with screaming quads, out of breath, whyyyy meeeee???? There might be vague reasons why one run (or day) is good (or bad), like hydration, sleep, nutrition, stress... but generally, it can be a crap shoot.

Except with life we tend to de-personalize it. It's easier to say, "Well, that day sucked. Thanks, Life" than it is to say, "Through no fault of my own, my pace was off." Maybe it's just the way we tend to approach the events of our day as happening 'to' us, versus the way we assume that our run is completely under our control.

Oooh. Maybe that's why the obstacle races are gaining popularity. They feel out of our control. The mud can be slippery-er, the electricity can be shocky-er, but it's something that's happening to us instead of the way we happen to the road during a road race.


Annie Crow said...

I like that analysis of the obstacle race popularity!

You give me some good stuff to think about here.

Ali K. said...

And this is why I love running. It reminds me that no matter the difficulties in life, there's always tomorrow. Eventually you have a good run.