Wednesday, October 30, 2013

12 Minutes of Inspiration

You don't know this guy (unless you're Ali or Annie), but he's kind of a big deal. Ted Spiker is a writer for Runner's World Magazine, and a self-titled "big guy". Over a year ago he started a Facebook group for runners who wanted to finish a 5k (3.1 miles) in less than 30 minutes. It might sound like an "eh" goal, but the pace required to do that is just barely faster than a lot of "normal" people run. I managed to finish my sub-30 5k last fall, and cried when I crossed the finish line.

But... this normal, big-guy runner decided to challenge himself in a giantly huge, enourmously big way this year. He trained for an Ironman. And now he's going to swim, bike, run it in Florida on November 2nd. Ted isn't a crazy fitness enthusiast. He's a professor. He's a normal person... who decided to break down his own walls and do something amazing.

And the Facebook group he started put together a video for him that made me cry SO HARD (not just because I'm stalking the internet at 10:30pm and drinking wine at the same time.)

Watch this video. Be inspired.

Sequence 14 from Tim Sorel on Vimeo.


Ali K. said...

I'm in there! Can you spot my awkward cameo? lol

... said...

Ali, I totally did!!! It was part of the reason I posted it here too. How/When did you guys do this? So cool!!!!