Thursday, December 12, 2013

A Little Silliness

I don't like being too serious for too long. So the second post in this series (of things that random strangers have asked me to write about) is about shaving.

Men's shaving. Not women's shaving. If you have a few minutes, check out The Dollar Shave Club's website and watch their funny video. I feel sympathy for young people who are trying to make products and advertising stand out in the current culture of viral videos, mass email marketing, and social media. But these people look like they have a good product, and they definitely have fun marketing.

They made up an info-graphic for holiday shopping that was interesting. I always struggle with what to buy Stephan for Christmas, and this essentially tells me why he hasn't liked anything I've ever bought him. Sigh. Truth hurts:

Also... my blogging skills are not fantastic today. View the big graphic by clicking on this link

(I would write about running, or life, or anything else, but I've been diagnosed with The Flu and nothing interesting happens in my bedroom while I'm sleeping... I assume.)

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